Who we are

The Moto Club Impala was born in 1997 with the purpose of maintaining alive the Impala model of Montesa, and to promote the use of these bikes, often forgotten in garages or museums. On the presentation day, more than 200 Impala riders got together in Barcelona, among these 200 riders outstanding the very first Impala riders, the participants of the mythic “Impala Operation” that in 1962 crossed all Africa with their Impala bikes, as well as other former Montesa riders that would have used the Impala as their racing motorbike in several official races.

After that first ceremony the Moto Club Impala was born, and it has maintained the spirit alive with monthly activities, and the annual meeting, “La Impalada”, unavoidable for all the Impala riders where more than 400 Impalas go together on a 200km route. Year after year, the club has grown in activities as in memberships, nowadays it gathers more than 400 members passionate with the Impala motorcycle.